My starry road

I made the speech on Oct 18, 2022. I feel pretty satisfied with the draft so I would like to share it with all of you.

“Look, another one!” We shouted simultaneously. Guess another what?
Have you ever seen shooting stars?
Have you ever watched meteor showers?

I like to watch the night sky since childhood. It has irresistible magic to me. When I was little, one night I dreamed that I saw a shooting star streaking across the sky, leaving a bright orange trace in the darkness. That dream made my whole day.
When I entered elementary school, I liked to lie on the roof and watch the night sky with holding a star map in my hand to recognize different stars and constellations. Though I insisted to sleep on the roof, my father always brought me back to the bedroom in the end.

I finally got the chance to see the night sky freely when I went to Japan to study. My Japanese friend told me it was easy to see a shooting star in a rural area. I doubted that saying but still went out with them in the evening. When I was lying on the stairs outside, I saw three shooting stars that night. This has enhanced my confidence. So in summer, I grabbed my friend to watch the Perseids, one of the three famous meteor showers in a year. We woke up at 3 o’clock in the morning and went to the playground. We lay there and a few moments later, we saw the first shooting star. And then the second one, the third one. In the end, we encountered in total 53 shooting stars!
A few years later, I got a chance to see the Percedes again in a forest. There was little light pollution so we could see the milky way very clearly at night. we encountered more than 130 shooting stars!
As a meteor shower “hunter”, I also had failure experiences. Once I wanted to watch a meteor shower in winter, January. It was bitterly cold, minus degrees Celsius at night. Wearing my warmest clothes, I rode the bicycle for an hour to a rural area with little light pollution. I lay on the ground and waited for an hour, but didn’t see a single one. The next day, I searched for the news and found out that the meteor shower didn’t appear as planned. As a shooting star “hunter”, I accepted the result.

You may wonder why I like to watch the night sky so much. When I was little, I felt the universe was so immense, with so many unknown mysteries for us to explore. The Little Prince may live on that star, and there might be intelligent lives on another star. When I grew older, with more troubles occurring in my life, each time when I stared at the starry night sky, I felt so peaceful that strength came back to me. And now, when I looked up, seeing the immensity of the cosmos, I feel that we human beings are just a drop in the bucket. We need to be more humble. So I bow my head and look at the road I’m taking, full of flowers, and thistles and thorns. And there is a flashlight over there, ahead of me, the name of the light is hope. With that light guiding me, no matter what kind of challenges I may meet, I would step firmly towards that bright light. That’s also the meaning to look up at the starry night sky.