Giving is Receiving——南宁峰会英文点评比赛示范演讲稿(附后续)

大家好,这里是海鱼Helen!5月12日我在2023南宁峰会做了一个英文点评比赛的示范演讲,题目是Giving is Receiving,讲述了一个我和朋友一起携手走出低谷的故事。以下为演讲稿。


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Step by step

“100 meters left for you to reach your goal!” Her voice appeared around my ears.
Finally, I finished running a complete circle around the Huacheng Square. It was about 2.8km, maybe nothing for joggers, but already the longest distance I have ever run. 继续阅读“Step by step”

My starry road

I made the speech on Oct 18, 2022. I feel pretty satisfied with the draft so I would like to share it with all of you.

“Look, another one!” We shouted simultaneously. Guess another what?
Have you ever seen shooting stars?
Have you ever watched meteor showers? 继续阅读“My starry road”


Nine years ago, a senior-one student raised her hand nervously in a grade rally where some professors from famous universities came to give some speeches and it was the Q&A session. She was nervous because she wasn’t used to raising the hand in such occasions, but luckily, she got a chance to express her confusion – a confusion puzzled her for several years and would continue to puzzle her. 继续阅读“Crossroad”

About me & why I opened this blog & my status now

Hello, world. This will be my first English blog on this website. I will give a quick introduction about me and why I opened this blog, and share something which I think may be more important.

So, I am YU Shuangying. I have to give my real name first, or I’m afraid that some people may think “Helen YU” is my real name. This is an online home for Helen YU. “Yu” in Chinese has the same pronunciation as fish. Also I wish I could be as free as fish. That’s probably why the domain is Helencanbefish. “Helen” is an English name given by my English teacher in my primary school. I pretty like it (possibly because of Helen Keller) so I have kept until today. The name has been with me for about 14 years. I opened this blog is because I wanted to write freely.  继续阅读“About me & why I opened this blog & my status now”