Nine years ago, a senior-one student raised her hand nervously in a grade rally where some professors from famous universities came to give some speeches and it was the Q&A session. She was nervous because she wasn’t used to raising the hand in such occasions, but luckily, she got a chance to express her confusion – a confusion puzzled her for several years and would continue to puzzle her.

She asked, “I have something that I really want to do, but few people understand and support me, even my parents. Should I still pursue this dream?” Tears burst out from her eyes when she asked the question.

“I think yes you should …”. She was too nervous to hear the rest part but she got a positive answer and she knew that there WAS someone who could understand her situation and gave her encouragement.

After senior high school, she was able to study the major she liked and pursued graduate school.

Nine years later, she is again at a crossroad, she needs to choose between different jobs. They provide different things for her. One job is quite promising, challenging, you can get many interpersonal skills in the job, and good pay if you do it well. A big multinational corporation. One job is closer to her dream, closer to an ideal job she wants, involving much research, with not bad salary but definitely lower than the first one. A quite new NGO with big potential. And she can get this job easily. Another one is even closer to her ideal job, but at this moment, she is not so determined that she can get this job, but she can learn many things in this job as a campaigner, with a not bad salary but lower than the first one. A big international NGO. At this moment, she needs to decide which one to take. The first or the second is right here at her hand, she can get it as long as she says yes. The third one seems the most ideal one but not right at her hand yet. If she wants to pursue it then she may need to give up the first two opportunities so it’s a bit risky.

She needs to be more determined. She knew. She will get the answer soon. She hopes. No, she has to.



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