Hey you!

Hey you, why time flies so fast!

The first day of the vacation was still in front of my eyes.

The night you came here. I was so sleepy at 2AM when you arrived.

And the next day we were on the way to the Wuzhi city.

It was such a brisk journey with pleasant songs and breathtaking scenes along the way.

I drove on the high way beneath the huge cloud for about 3 hours.

We arrived at the hotel and visited the Nationality Museum.

After that, we had local cuisines as our dinner.

That evening witnessed our quarrel caused by tiny tricks and you walked on the dark street for about an hour. After that, we didn’t have any quarrels.

The hotel was okay but I really wanted to try the one in the nature reserve, so the next day we moved there, which turned out to be the wisest decision we made in this trip.

The curve mountain way to the nature reserve was terrific. It was my first time driving on such a zigzag road.

We played games while climbing the Wuzhi mountain in the afternoon. It was a bit pity that we didn’t reach the top but still we spent pleasant time there.

The climbing experience made us hard to walk on steps in the next few days. Not until then did we realize that our body build was not as fit as the time we climbed the Mt. Fuji. Busy work made us lazy and ignorant of exercising.

The two days spent in that hotel was comfortable as we could see the Wuzhi Mountain on our balcony with surrounded tropical rainforest.

I really wanted to try the drifting but it was another pity. Rather, we visited Chubao Village which is a primitive village where Li people had lived in their boat-shaped houses. A few locals still live there while most of them moved to the new village nearby.

We had some small explorations and again the curve mountain way along the Changhua river and Wuzhi Reservoir was really fantastic.

Time flies. It came to the last two days and we started our return journey. In a new commercial zone in Haikou, I have bought you some new clothes.

We made appointments that you were going to lose weight and I was going to treat my hair well. Deal.

We found the wrong hotel but finally the one we booked agreed with free cancellation.

Time flies. Here comes the last day. We arrived at the airport and I sent you to the taking-off hall. I couldn’t get in as I didn’t bring my ID card.

We were apart again. I returned the rental car by myself. The past four days flashed through my mind like pictures.

I hope one day we don’t need to worry about being apart neither calculate when we can meet each other again.

That day will come fastly.

With our determination.


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