About me & why I opened this blog & my status now

Hello, world. This will be my first English blog on this website. I will give a quick introduction about me and why I opened this blog, and share something which I think may be more important.

So, I am YU Shuangying. I have to give my real name first, or I’m afraid that some people may think “Helen YU” is my real name. This is an online home for Helen YU. “Yu” in Chinese has the same pronunciation as fish. Also I wish I could be as free as fish. That’s probably why the domain is Helencanbefish. “Helen” is an English name given by my English teacher in my primary school. I pretty like it (possibly because of Helen Keller) so I have kept until today. The name has been with me for about 14 years. I opened this blog is because I wanted to write freely. 

I’m now studying in Japan for graduate school. Obviously as you can tell from my name, I’m Chinese. I came to Japan in 2012 so it has been almost 5 years.

I used to study about waste separation and people’s behavior as my undergraduate research. For master, I changed the topic into nature education in China, but now I found it a really difficult topic to deal with, as there is almost no previous study in this area before. What I can do is to study the researches done before in other countries, such as Japan, the U.S. and so on. How to understand nature education? There is no a clear definition about it, but the meaning is similar to outdoor education in the U.S. I haven’t found a clear research question yet. I once wanted to study the effectiveness of nature education in China but it seems difficult when even the definition of nature education is not clear yet. I couldn’t agree more with Louv and his book about nature deficit disorder, but just yesterday I found some criticisms about his theory as well as criticisms about outdoor education. I’m so confused now which direction I should face towards, and I’m also confused by the basic theories lying beneath nature education.

I feel that I’m so illiterate about environmental education. It has been my 8th month in graduate school, which means I still (or say only) have 14 months to finish my study. This exploratory adventure is not going smoothly. Yes, adventure is not supposed to go smoothly anyway.

We shall see!

The. end.


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